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By unravelling CSS, you can stop wasting your time, start making progress, and take that next step forward as a developer.

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Hi Kevin! I’ve started learning CSS and it seemed pretty easy at first, but I feel like I've hit a wall

Amish Cyborg

The more CSS I write, the more I’m frustrated.


I keep reading articles and follow tutorials, but I don't feel like I'm making progress.

Abradolf Lincler

It seemed so simple at first. Now that things have gotten a little more complex, as soon as I’m not following a tutorial I don't know what to do.

Kevin Powell

Don't worry, I've got you!

CSS seems easy at first, but the deeper into it you get, the more complicated it becomes

We all reach a point where CSS starts to frustrate us.
Whether it's

  • Struggling to get a layout to behave.
  • Running into issues with positioning.
  • Making small changes that end up having unintended consequences.

Often we end up trying to fix problems by adding more and more code on top and hoping for the best.

That leads to fragile code and hours of wasted time while you try to get things to work properly

As frustrating as CSS can seem though, it doesn't have to be that way.

CSS is based on rules and logic (even if it doesn't always feel that way). Instead of fighting with CSS, if you learn about how CSS is built at its very core, and you start to work with how it's meant to work, it can actually be a lot of fun.

Learn to embrace CSS

CSS is an essential language for putting a website together, but it's often ignored in favor of the latest JS framework.

People pay $10,000+ to go to bootcamps to become front-end developers, but are left mystified by CSS.

CSS is often seen as simple language because it has a simple syntax and then it's pooped on because it doesn't behave like other languages.

CSS is it's own language though, and in this course, we're going to learn to embrace it for what it is, take advantage of its differences, and really start to understand what the heck is going on with CSS.

Get unstuck and start making progress

Stop throwing code into your editor and hoping that it will stick.

When you finish this course, you will:

  • Be confident when you write CSS

    No more guessing & hoping that what you're trying will work.

  • Approach CSS in a maintainable way

    CSS can spin out of control and be hard to maintain in the long run. Let's stop that from happening no matter the project's size.

  • Easily add new things to your arsenal

    It's not just about following along and repeating, it's about being able to keep going once the course is done.

How we're going to demystify CSS

This course is about diving in and really understanding how CSS is meant to work.

We'll be exploring why it's different from other languages and how to change our mindset to work with it properly.

The course will be broken down into three weeks, and is a combination of:

  • Theory and slides, all through video lessons
  • Exercises to put the theory into practice
  • Challenges to reinforce what you've learned
  • Access to private Discord channels to ask questions
  • Live training and Q&A sessions for each module in the course
  • A full-page build to reinforce what we learned through the first two modules
  • A 3-page site to put everything we've learned into practice

What's inside CSS Demystified

What we'll be building together

Throughout the modules, we'll be working on several exercises and projects to help you reinforce your learning.

There will be several smaller exercises and quick examples which you'll have access to.

For the larger projects, you'll have access to design specifications, the Figma files, and all the finished code.

overview of the two big projects we'll be working on

Above you can see our two big projects. On the left is a large single-page site, which is the focus in module 2. On the right is a 3-page site, which is the focus on module 3.

Module by module breakdown

Below is a breakdown of all the modules of the course. They're split up by week because CSS Demystified is a drip course, with a week between each module.

Week one The misunderstood fundamentals

CSS isn't like other programming languages, and for good reason. In the first week, we'll look at why it's different, and deep dive the fundamentals of it to embrace that difference.

Week two The unknown fundamentals

This week will build off what we started with during week 1, and continue to influence how we write our CSS.

With our newfound understanding of CSS, we can start approaching it in new ways. Less fighting, less confusion, and more control.

Week three Content vs Layout

We live in a world of components. We're told that components should live in isolation, but then we build them in ways that influence other items around them.

This week is all about learning how we can prevent that from happening and creating resilient layouts and components that can work anywhere we want them to.

Weeks four & five Step up your learning

These weeks are a part of the #gold package only, as they do not focus on writing CSS, but on different techniques you can use to help you learn more effectively.

Week four looks at tips and tricks to help break out of tutorial hell, including a look at how I learn things well enough to teach them.

Week five is a look into the cheatcode to learn things at a very deep level, which dives into teaching things, even if it's just to yourself, or to a bigger audience.

Hi, my name is Kevin Powell

I teach both in the classroom and online.

Over on YouTube, I have a channel devoted to front-end development and design with over 335,000 subscribers.

I'm a CSS evangelist. I really love CSS, and I want other people to see that it's a beautiful language as well. That's why I've made this course, to help people see that CSS is actually pretty awesome.

I don't want CSS to be something that people fight against, but instead something that they leverage. No one should see it as a nessessary evil, but instead the tool we use to build out our UI. Yes, it's different from other languages, but since when is different a bad thing?

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